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Gambini Consulting is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction and we are dedicated to the education of our customers and we will do everything to meet your expectations. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

This intensive hands-on program provides our clients with the operating fundamentals and 'seat time' experience to develop entry level competency as a slipform operator. Students learn essential operating fundamentals by completing practical machine exercises on real job like conditions, not simulators. A step-by-step progression introduces increasingly advanced skills and operating principles. Pre-operational checks, equipment maintenance as well as safe operating techniques specific to each machine, interpretation of drawings and grades stakes, basic grade checking instruments and constant reinforcement of safety are important elements of the training.

We will work with the crew as a whole to develop the necessary skills required to put a quality product down. This involves working alongside the crew and helping them to excel their finishing skills and speed. Why be like every other company when you can set the bar higher.

To gain high machine productivity and availability, you need people with great performance, highly trained, skilled operators and mechanics. These are the people Gambini Consulting cares about, as well as your equipment. As a fast approaching leader in concrete training and education, Gambini Consulting is the organization with experienced & certified instructors and consultants that can conduct training for your whole concrete division. Support in maintenance, planning and the training of the crew as a whole.

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Gambini Consulting started doing high-end slipform training and civil construction in 2010 with decades of experience. Since then, Gambini Consulting has diversified into several industries,all of which require flawless slipform concrete work.